Non-Bonded Warehouse


A public warehouse is a storage facility open to any firm or individual in need of space to store goods in exchange for monthly rent. The arrangement could be temporary or long term. Renters will generally pay per square, pallet or foot they use in the warehouse. 
The business of a public warehouses is wholly based on providing logistical services. Thus, all the resources are entirely dedicated to providing the best possible services to the client. We’re evolving by investing in latest technology and training staff to keep up with latest trends in supply chain management and attract more customers.
One of the primary advantages of a public warehouse lies in the flexibility of the resources it offers, including space labor and equipment. The public has a constant need for variable space, labor and equipment, depending on the business cycle. Public warehouses allow your business to take up more or less space as needed. Manufacturers also have the flexibility of adding or decreasing space, equipment and human resources requirements.
Because you only pay for the space you need, you save capital. You're renting space in a public warehouse instead of acquiring and operating a distribution center that requires a building fitted with expensive features and technology to manage your chain supply and distribution. You can redirect the money you save toward other areas that can boost your company's profitability, including research and development, marketing and human resource development.