Bonded Warehouse

A bonded warehouse is referred to by Malaysian Customs as a ‘Gudang Berlesen Awam’ or Public Bonded Warehouse.
A public or privately owned warehouse where dutiable goods are stored pending payment of duty or removal under bond. The storage or delivery of goods are under the supervision of customs officers and if the warehouse is privately owned the keeper has to enter into a bond as indemnity in respect of the goods deposited, which may not be delivered without a release from the customs.
What are the benefits of storing in a bonded warehouse?
  1. By storing goods in a bonded warehouse, traders can enjoy substantial cost savings through the deferment of payment of tax if the goods are not immediately required when they arrive in the destination port.
  2. Duty need not be paid on imported goods which are intended for reexport.
  3. Duty need not be paid on goods which are produced in a Free Industrial Zone pending export if they are stored in a bonded warehouse